Liquid Damaged Phone Repairs

First and foremost, BACKUP YOUR DATA NOW!!!
Before you have any accidents you need to make sure you back up your information. Remember, if it’s important to you BACK IT UP!
Most smart phones can be set up to back up your data automatically.  Whether it is to the iCloud, Google+, an SD card or other means, it is usually simple to set up and then let the phone do the work.  It is always good however, to back it up to your computer, flash drive, an SD card or other storage device.
If your phone dies, the info dies with it, BACK IT UP!As soon as you get your phone out of the liquid POWER IT OFF!
The usual reaction is to “check the phone” to see if it still works, DON’T.
Your phone is an electrical device, water does not mix well with electricity.  Even a small amount of water in your phone can cause the board to short out or burn small components if the phone is on.

Rice…great to eat, not so great for liquid damage.  Rice does absorb water, it will not however, pull water out of your phone.  The small amount of water that the rice would absorb is the same amount that would naturally leak out or wick off if you wrapped it in paper towels.  The problem with rice is that it can get in your charge port and headphone jack and cause more damage.  It’s not worth it.  Leave the rice in the kitchen.  Silica beads can be purchased at most craft stores and can be put in small cloth bags.  Use those in a plastic bag with the phone and that will draw more water out and do it faster.

Corrosion is the phone killer!  The longer you wait to bring it in the more time corrosion has to eat away at vital components of the phone.  TIME is vital, so remember Get your phone out of the liquid, power it off, and get it into CellTeks.  Even if it looks like it is okay, once liquid is in the phone corrosion starts forming.

When your phone goes in the drink, get it to CellTeks fast! Our experienced technicians give you the best shot at saving your phone and data!


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