Dangers of Posting Photos Online!

I know what you’re thinking…”the creeps will see me in my bikini” or “they can steal my pic and photoshop horrible things onto it”, etc…etc.  While that is a valid concern, there are more pressing issues with that photo.  What you DON’T see in your photo is what you need to be concerned with!

Geotagging is a process by which your phone (and some cameras) add information such as coordinates to your photo.  Some photo viewers such as Irfanview can show you that information and also show you on Google Maps and/or Google Earth exactly where that photo was taken (give or take 10m in most cases).  This may not seem too horrible until you think about your child posting a selfie to Facebook from his/her bedroom.  THEN it becomes real, someone views the photo information (EXIF), finds the coordinates to your home, sees what the house looks like in Google Earth and determines your address.

The simple fix is to make sure Location is turned off on your phone before you take your photo.  I know…I get you all worked up about privacy and safety and creepy peeping Tom’s and then give you a very easy anticlimactic solution.  Sorry, I’m mean like that!  Easy fix though, at least you don’t have to be some kind of super genius…now all you have to do is figure how to turn off Location…bwahahahaha…just kidding, it’s in your phone Settings.  If you can’t figure it out, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist.

Watch this YouTube video for more information:

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