The Dilemma Between Windows, Wi-Fi and Cell Signal

As the world moves forward into more technologically advanced homes, many no longer have land line phones. Mobile phones and devices are the norm, often times with more devices than people being inside the  home.

We have also become more conscious and concerned about reducing energy and being more “green”. Recognizing that energy efficient windows is a way to save money, homes and buildings are being built with these types of windows or older structures are being updated with new energy efficient glass.

With that being said, have you noticed a decrease in your cell or wi-fi signal when you are in a home or building that was built in the last few years? Or, did you previously  get a great signal in a building but not anymore since the windows were upgraded?

Energy efficient windows are manufactured with metal and aluminum in the glass and frames. The addition of aluminum reflects the heat in the summer and holds heat in during the winter. But, metal and wireless signal don’t function well together. So can you have both energy efficiency and wireless signal in the same building or home?

At CellTeks Signal Boosters, we believe you can.  For over 20 years our expert technicians have been helping business and residential customers increase their wireless signal strength. The process starts with an on-site survey and demonstration because every situation is different and no solution is the same.

If you are frustrated with experiencing dropped calls, slow streaming, or having to go outside to use your smartphone, we’d like to hear from you.

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